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Are Distracted Driving Accidents Common in California?

When driving, you may take every precaution to ensure you get to your destination safely, from wearing your seatbelt to adhering to the speed limit. Despite taking these measures, other drivers may not share the same safety concerns, leading to a collision. If injured in a distracted driving accident, understanding how to proceed is critical. The following blog explores what you should know about these matters and why connecting with our Irvine car accident lawyers is recommended.

What Are the Types of Distracted Driving?

It is necessary to understand that despite there being different types of distracted driving, all are extremely dangerous. Generally, any time you take your attention off the road, it is considered a distraction. As such, the following are the three primary distractions a driver can engage in:

  • Manual: Any time you take your hands off the wheel while driving, it is a manual distraction, even if you are still looking at the road. This includes eating, changing radio stations, applying makeup, or using a phone. 
  • Visual: As the name suggests, a visual distraction occurs when you take your eyes off the road ahead. Looking at a GPS, looking at the scenery, or adjusting your mirrors are common visual distractions. 
  • Cognitive: Whenever you take your mind off the road, you can be cognitively distracted. Whether talking with passengers or daydreaming, this can impact your ability to operate a vehicle.

You should also understand that many of these distractions can overlap. For example, texting while driving takes your eyes off the road, hands off the wheel, and mind off the task at hand.

When a driver is distracted, they can miss signs and hazards while limiting their reaction time. If a driver is looking at their phone, they may miss the car in front of them braking for a pedestrian, causing a collision. Additionally, if a driver is eating, they may veer out of their lane and into oncoming traffic.

What Should I Do Following an Accident?

After an accident, the most important thing to do is contact emergency services. This will bring police and paramedics to the scene. Even if you do not believe you sustained injuries, allowing the emergency medical responders to evaluate you can help establish medical care.

You should also take photos and videos of the accident if you are physically able to. Be sure to take pictures of the damage to the vehicles, any injuries you sustained, and the interior of the other car. There may be makeup or half-eaten food strewn about, which can suggest the other driver was distracted.

If involved in an accident and believe the other driver was not paying attention, connecting with an experienced attorney is essential to fighting for the justice you deserve. At the California Personal Injury Law Firm, APC, we understand how devastating a car accident can be. Contact us today to learn more.

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